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Our work
Comprehensive Data Analysis

Our mission at Danu Insight aligns with the core objective of using data science to understand and mitigate the systemic risks posed by corporate lobbying to climate change and biodiversity. We focus on a nuanced analysis that recognizes the broader systemic threats stemming from corporate lobbying activities. Our process involves aggregating data on thousands of companies, their trade associations, legislation, and lobbying tactics, employing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This approach enables us to provide context-based insights, transforming complex corporate lobbying activities into understandable, actionable data. We don't just report numbers; we elucidate the narrative behind them, offering a clear perspective on how these activities influence policy and market dynamics.

Tailored Data for Actionable Insights

Our unique technological innovation is the cornerstone of our service, offering stakeholders advanced, reliable, and comprehensive tools for actionable insights. We don’t just analyze; we create data that objectively accounts for the potential damage of lobbying to legislation and market value. By delivering meticulously analyzed data, we empower investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions. Our insights shed light on the real impact of corporate lobbying, bridging the gap between public commitments and behind-the-scenes actions, and highlighting the financial implications of these activities

Methodical Analysis and Data-Driven Insights

Our innovative data solutions are designed to address specific needs within the investment community. Here's how our data is currently being utilized:

  • ESG Integration: Equity portfolio managers utilize our comprehensive data on harmful lobbying activities to gauge reputational and financial risks, enriching their investment strategies with nuanced insights into the companies they invest in.

  • Governance Insights: We assist stewardship managers in discerning the authenticity of corporate communications, distinguishing genuine investor communications from contradictory lobbying activities.

  • ESG Fund Development: Our data serves as a pivotal metric in the creation of ESG funds, ensuring that climate political lobbying is factored into fund compositions and sustainability assessments.

  • Strategic Exclusions: We guide portfolio managers in making informed exclusion decisions across entire indices, based on detailed analyses of company lobbying activities.

  • Identifying Missed Opportunities: By analyzing companies' positions on the climate transition, we help institutional investors spot potential laggards, indicating the absence of a transition-ready business model.

Potential Applications and Utility of Our Data
Methodical Analysis and Data-Driven Insights

Practical Utility of Data: At Danu Insight, we transform complex data on corporate lobbying into strategic intelligence for investors. Our data goes beyond mere insight—it catalyzes action. By elucidating the discrepancies between corporate lobbying actions and their publicly stated climate policies, we equip investors with the tools to make decisions that are informed, responsible, and aligned with long-term sustainability goals.


Risk and Opportunity Analysis: Investors are often confronted with the challenge of identifying risks and opportunities that are not readily apparent. Our analysis brings these elements to the forefront, particularly in the context of company-level climate transition readiness. We provide the data that institutional investors need to identify companies that are at risk of being left behind in the energy transition.

Strategic Planning and Policy Engagement: The data we provide serves as a foundation for investors aiming to influence policy and corporate governance with respect to climate action. Armed with detailed insights into corporate lobbying, our clients can effectively advocate for transparency and accountability, promoting a market where climate policy and corporate behavior are in alignment, thereby safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders in the long term.

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